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List of mayors of Vancouver

The following is a list of Mayors of Vancouver, British Columbia. For a list of Mayors of Vancouver, Washington, go to List of Mayors of Vancouver, Washington.

1886-87 M.A. MacLean
1888-91 David Oppenheimer
1892-93 Frederick Cope
1894 R. A. Anderson
1895-96 Henry Collins
1897 William Templeton
1898-1900 James F. Garden
1901 Thomas Owen Townley
1902-3 Thomas Fletcher Neelands
1904 Dr. William J. McGuigan
1905-6 Frederick Buscombe
1907-8 Alexander Bethune
1909 Charles S. Douglas
1910-11 L.D. Taylor
1912 James Findlay
1913-14 Truman Smith Baxter
1915 Louis Denison Taylor (2nd time)
1915-17 Malcolm Peter McBeath
1918-21 Robert Henry Otley Gale
1922-23 Charles Edward Tisdall
1924 William Reid Owen
1925-28 Louis Denison Taylor (3rd time)
1929-30 William Harold Malkin
1931-34 Louis Denison Taylor (4th time)
1935-36 Gerald Gratton McGeer
1937-38 George Clark Miller Independent
1939-40 James Lyle Telford
1941-6 Jack (Jonathan Webster) Cornett
1947Gerald Gratton McGeer (2nd time)
1947-1948George Clark Miller (2nd time) (acting)
1948Charles Jones
1948George Clark Miller (3rd time) (acting)
1949-1950Charles Edwin Thompson
1951-1958Frederick Hume
1959-1962A. Thomas Alsbury
1963-1966William George RathieNon-partisan Association
1967-1972Thomas CampbellNon-partisan Association
1972-1976Art PhillipsTEAM
1976-1980Jack Volrich TEAM
1980-1986Michael HarcourtIndependent
1986-1993Gordon CampbellNon-partisan Association
1993-2002Philip OwenNon-partisan Association
2002 -Larry CampbellCoalition of Progressive Electors