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List of frigates

This is a list of post-WWII frigates. The list is incomplete at the moment.

Table of contents
1 Argentinian Navy
2 Armada Espanola (Spain)
3 Belgian Navy
4 Brazilian Navy
5 Bundesmarine (Germany)
6 Chilean Navy
7 Colombian Navy
8 Egyptian Navy
9 French Navy
10 Hellenic Navy (Greece)
11 Italian Navy
12 Indian Navy
13 Indonesian Navy
14 Malaysian Navy
15 Pakistani Navy
16 Peruvian Navy
17 Polish Navy
18 Portuguese Navy
19 Romanian Navy
20 Royal Navy
21 Royal Australian Navy
22 Royal Canadian Navy
23 Royal Danish Navy
24 Royal Netherlands Navy
25 Royal New Zealand Navy
26 Royal Norwegian Navy
27 Royal Saudi Naval Force
28 Royal Thai Navy
29 Russian Navy
30 South Korean Navy
31 Taiwanese Navy
32 Turkish Navy
33 United States Navy Frigates

Argentinian Navy

Armada Espanola (Spain)

Belgian Navy

Brazilian Navy

Bundesmarine (Germany)

Chilean Navy

Colombian Navy

Egyptian Navy

French Navy

Hellenic Navy (Greece)

Italian Navy

Indian Navy

Indonesian Navy

Malaysian Navy

Pakistani Navy

Peruvian Navy

Polish Navy

Portuguese Navy

Romanian Navy

Royal Navy

Royal Australian Navy

Royal Canadian Navy

Royal Danish Navy

Royal Netherlands Navy

Royal New Zealand Navy

Royal Norwegian Navy

Royal Saudi Naval Force

Royal Thai Navy

Russian Navy

South Korean Navy

Taiwanese Navy

Turkish Navy

United States Navy Frigates