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List of fictional battles

This is a list of fictional battles (including mythical and Biblical battles for which there is no historic evidence). For real battles see List of battles.

Table of contents
1 Fictional battles
2 Battles in religion and mythology

Fictional battles

The Lord of the Rings

A fantasy series created by J. R. R. Tolkien, consisting of four primary books and numerous collections of short stories. The series is rife with richly embellished battles.

Star Trek

A popular American television and movie franchise, featuring devoted fans and thousands of engagements in film, television, and print.

Star Wars

A series of science fiction films, set in a "galaxy far, far away..."; the series centers around a climactic and many-decade-long civil war of galactic proportions.

The Culture

A fictional anarchic, socialistic and utopian society invented by the Scottish writer Iain M. Banks and described by him in several of his novels and shorter fictions.

Battles in religion and mythology

While battles that are described in religious or mythological works are not necessarily fictional, the descriptions often mix historical fact with what most scholars consider metaphors and one-sided interpretations.