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List of dialing codes of Greece numerically

This is a list of dialing codes in Greece. The country code is 30 and the TD code is 11. These here are listed numerically. The first three represents seven-digit numbers, first four with six-digits, and first five with five-digits. The first digit represents a region (e.g. 7-Peloponnese (except Achaea and Elia areas.) The first two digits represents an area. Zone 9 is used for other numbers such as toll. Numbers starting with zero are not available and some 800 numbers are used for toll-free numbers. All numbers now start with only two, and never with a zero after November 2002. 6 8 and 9s are now used for other (tele)phoning purposes after the change.

Central Greater Athens (Metropolitan) Area zone 21 (formerly 1)
210: Athens(-Piraeus-Eleusis area)
Central Greece and the Southern Aegean zone 22 (formerly 2)
Macedonia (excl. the eastern part) zone 23 (formerly 3)
2310: Salonika/Saloniki
Thessaly zone 24 (formerly 4)
2410: Larissa (and area)
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace zone 25 (formerly 5)
2510: Kavala or Kavalla
Western Greece, northern Ionian and Epirus zone 26 (formerly 6)
Patras and Area
2610: Patras (and area)
Prefecture of Elia
26210: Pyrgos
26220: Amalias
26230: Lechaina
26240: Olympia
Prefecture of Achaea(except Patras)
26910: Aegion/Aigion
The Peloponnese and Cythera/Kythera(excl. Elia and Achaea prefectures) zone 27 (formerly 7)
Tripoli and Area
2710: Tripoli (and area)
Prefecture of Corinthia
27410: Corinth (and area)
Crete zone 28 (formerly 8)
Heraclion or Iraklion Area
2810: Heraclion/Iraklion (and area)
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