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List of computer and video games by category

Table of contents
1 Adventure
2 Educational
3 Fighting
4 First-person shooters
5 Maze games
6 Platformers
7 Puzzle
8 Racing games
9 Rhythm games
10 Role-Playing Games
11 Serious
12 Shooters
13 Shoot 'em ups
14 Simulation
15 Sports
16 Strategy
17 Survival Horror
18 Third Person Shooters
19 Notable People
20 Traditional




First-person shooters

Game-controlled environment

Player-controlled environment

Maze games


Platformers, also called side-scrollers, view the game area from a side or "cutaway" perspective. In these games, the background or playing area smoothly scrolls as the player moves about, hence the name. These games are traditionally 2D, but some have employed 3D computer graphics effectively. Traditional elements of these games include running, jumping and some fighting. Side-scrollers were some of the first types of video games and are still popular today, usually with younger players.


Racing games

Simulation style

Arcade style

Rhythm games

Role-Playing Games



Shoot 'em ups


Some do not consider
simulations to be games at all, but rather "digital toys" or "software toys". Indeed, this is how Will Wright, the designer of the most popular video game of all time, The Sims, describes his games. These games aim to similate a specific activity (such as flying an airplane) as realistically as practically possible, taking into account physics and other real-world limitations. Some require a great deal of reading before the game can even be attempted, while others include a simple tutorial. Some of these types of games, such as flight simulators, have a limited following, while others, such as The Sims have an enormous following, including those who don't consider themselves "gamers."



General Strategy


Real-time (RTS)

Survival Horror

Survival Horror games focus on fear and attempt to scare the player via traditional horror elements such as undead, death, blood and gore. Many of these games include first-person shooter elements.

Third Person Shooters

Third Person Shooters (TPS) employ a specific perspective for the player. This is normally just behind the game character, but it is sometimes an
isometric perspective. Many of these games are classified in other genres as well (such as Tomb Raider).

Notable People


Most popular board games, card games, and the like have been computerized to some degree or another. For example, more than 600 freeware board games are available written in Zillions. Computer game programs can be worthy opponents and can help you improve your skill at traditional games.