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List of collective nouns for objects and concepts

Also see Collective noun

aircraft A wing of aircraft
angels A chorus of angels
angels A host of angels
arrows A quiver of arrows
asteroids A belt of asteroids
books A library of books
bread A batch of bread
brush A bavin of brush(wood)
cards A deck of cards
eggs A clutch of eggs
coins A roll of coins
coins A rouleau of coins
computers A network of computers
data A donut of data Spurious
fairies A herd of fairies
godss A pantheon of gods
homework A slew of homework
impediments A vagary of impediments
information A wealth of information
islands A chain of islands
islands An archipelago of islands
jewels A cache of jewels
keys A ring of keys
lorries A convoy of lorries
money A wad of money
riches An embarrassment of riches
winnings A purse of winnings
mountains A range of mountains
nouns A collective of nouns
prose An anthology of prose
rebuttals A quiver of rebuttals
satellites A constellation of satellites
ships A fleet of ships
ships A flotilla of ships
ships An armada of ships
stars A galaxy of stars
tasks An agenda of tasks
things A bunch of things
trash A heap of trash
trucks A convoy of trucks
unicorns A blessing of unicorns
wagers A book of wagers