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List of clichés

A cliché is anything that is overused, often to the point of being rendered meaningless. Although clichés are generally avoided in great pieces of literature, film, and theater, they can also be employed for humor in satire. Clichés are often confused with idioms and proverbs - see List of idioms and List of English proverbs.

Table of contents
1 Clichés in literature
2 Clichés in film
3 Clichés in television
4 Clichés in theater

Clichés in literature

Clichés in film

Clichés in television

...can be found at "
The Big Fat List of TV Cliches", along with other TV stereotypes. Not surprisingly, many of them are carry-overs from film, and not surprisingly, they are most employed in sitcoms and animated series. Shows like The Simpsons have been known to break cliche quite often.

Clichés in theater

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