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Lisa Guerrero

Lisa Guerrero (born April 8, 1964 in Chicago) is a sports broadcaster, writer and actress who is hired by ABC to work on their television show Monday Night Football.

Guerrero began her show-business career in the 1980s, being a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams. Later, in the 1990s, she moved on to star in Aaron Spelling's Sunset Beach show. Meanwhile, she doubled as a sportscaster on Los Angeles' KCBS station.

In 1999, she moved to the Fox Network, where she participated in such shows as Fox Overtime, Fox Extra Innings and the Toughman competition shows. She travelled to Egypt to tape the special Opening the Tumbs of the Golden Mummies. Guerrero also starred in the San Diego Chargers magazine style television show. She also co-hosted The Best Damn Sports Show Period, alongside Tom Arnold and Michael Irvin, among others.

In 2003, she decided to leave The Best Damn Sports Show Period to join Monday Night Footballs crew.

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