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Lior Narkis

Lior Narkis dreamt of becoming a singer since childhood. He released his first album, "Tfilat Chayay" (The Prayer of My Life) at the age of 16. During his military service in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), Narkis joined Tamir Tzur to form the first Mediterranean musical group.

His sixth album, "Rak Itakh" (Only with You), which includes the hit "Lekhol Ekhad Yesh" (Everyone Has), placed Narkis at the center stage of Israeli music. This song was also chosen as the "Song of the Year" in Israel. A year ago, Narkis released his album "Ze Mehalev" (Straight from the Heart). As with his previous albums, this was a great success and many of its songs became hits. Recently, at the age of 26, Narkis released his eighth album: "Millim Laahava" (Words for Love), named after his Eurovision entry.

Lior Narkis was selected by a committee of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, due to his prominence and popularity on the Israeli popular music scene. "Millim Laahava" (Words for Love) was chosen out of four songs presented at a special contest created by Israeli Television, Channel One. The song ended up 19th.