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Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis, historical novelist, was born in Birmingham, England during the 1950s. Having taken a degree in English literature at Oxford University (Lady Margaret Hall), she became a civil servant. Her first novel featuring the Roman "detective", Marcus Didius Falco, The Silver Pigs, was published in 1989 and was the start of her runaway success as a writer of historical whodunnits. A further thirteen Falco novels have followed, as well as a "straight" historical novel set in the same period (the reign of Vespasian), The Course of Honour (1998). She has won many literary awards.

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1 Published Works

Published Works

Marcus Didius Falco

  1. The Silver Pigs (1989)
  2. Shadows in Bronze (1990)
  3. Venus in Copper (1991)
  4. The Iron Hand of Mars (1992)
  5. Poseidon's Gold (1993)
  6. Last Act in Palmyra (1994)
  7. Time to Depart (1995)
  8. A Dying Light in Corduba (1996)
  9. Three Hands in the Fountain (1997)
  10. Two for the Lions (1998)
  11. One Virgin Too Many (1999)
  12. Ode to a Banker (2000)
  13. A Body in the Bath House (2001)
  14. The Jupiter Myth (2002)
  15. The Accusers (2003)
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