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Life For Rent

Life For Rent, Dido's sophomore album, released September 30th, 2003, sounds rather a lot like her first, No Angel. Which isn't so much a bad thing. The songs are a bit catchier and the atmosphere as deep as her original offering, although they're no less subtle and gentle. And it's not difficult to unintentionally get the songs stuck in the background of your mind. Who Makes You Feel and Sand In My Shoes in particular are hard songs to get out of your head. Stoned is a beautifully bittersweet offering it's difficult not to like, and the first single, White Flag, is a particularly powerful effort.

Track listing

  1. White Flag - 4:01
  2. Stoned - 5:55
  3. Life for Rent - 3:41
  4. Mary's in India - 3:42
  5. See You When You're 40 - 5:20
  6. Don't Leave Home - 3:46
  7. Who Makes You Feel - 4:21
  8. Sand in My Shoes - 5:00
  9. Do You Have a Little Time - 3:55
  10. This Land Is Mine - 3:46
  11. See the Sun - 10:36