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Levante Union Deportiva

Levante UD is a team in the second division of the Spanish Football League.

Levante UD, or Llevant UE to give the team its name in the Valencian language, is the second team of the city of Valencia, Spain.

Always in the shadows of Valencia, CF, Levante has been around since the early 1900s and originally played in their modest stadium Campo de Vallejo. In the early 70s they moved into their current stadium, Ciudad de Valencia.

Levante UD have only ever been in the First Division for two seasons (1963-1964 / 1964-1965), although they came very close in 2003. The two most illustrious players to play for the team are Johan Cruijff and Mijatovic. Levante fans are known as Granotas, or frogs.