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Lepontine Alps

The eastern portion of the Lepontine Alps, from the St Gotthard Pass to the Splugen, is sometimes named the Adula Alps.

List of peaks

The chief peaks of the Lepontine Alps, from the Simplon to the Splugen and south of the Furka and Oberalp Passes, are:


Monte Leone 3561 meters11'684 feet
Rheinwaldhorn 3398 meters11'149 feet
Guferhorn 3393 meters11'132 feet
Blindenhorn 3384 meters11'103 feet
Basodino 3276 meters10'749 feet
Tambohorn 3276 meters10'749 feet
Helsenhorn 3274 meters10'742 feet
Wasenhorn 3255 meters10'680 feet
Ofenhorn 3242 meters10'637 feet
Cherbadung 3213 meters10'542 feet
Piz Medel 3203 meters10'509 feet
Scopi 3200 meters10'499 feet
Pizzo Rotondo 3197 meters10'489 feet
Pizzo dei Piani 3158 meters10'361 feet
Piz Terri 3151 meters10'338 feet
Piz Aul 3124 meters10'250 feet
Pizzo di Pesciora 3123 meters10'247 feet
Wyttenwasserstock 3084 meters10'119 feet
Campo Tencia 3075 meters10'089 feet
Leckihorn 3069 meters10'069 feet
Bruschghorn 3054 meters10'020 feet
Alperschellihorn 3045 meters9991 feet
Piz Blas 3023 meters9918 feet
Monte Giove 3010 meters9876 feet
Pizzo Centrale 3003 meters9853 feet
Pizzas d'Annarosa 3002 meters9850 feet
Piz Beverin 3000 meters9843 feet
Weisshorn (Splugen) 2992 meters9817 feet
Pizzo Lucendro 2959 meters9708 feet
Piz Tomul 2949 meters9676 feet
Piz Cavel 2944 meters9659 feet
Barenhorn 2932 meters9620 feet
Six Madun (Badus 2932 meters9619 feet
Piz Muraun 2899 meters9512 feet
Zervreilerhorn 2898 meters9508 feet
Monte Cistella 2851 meters9353 feet
Piz Lukmanier 2778 meters9115 feet
Monte Prosa 2738 meters8983 feet
Pizzo Columbe 2549 meters8363 feet
Monte Camoghe 2226 meters7303 feet
Piz Mundaun 2065 meters6775 feet
Monte Generoso 1704 meters5591 feet
Monte San Salvatore  916 meters3004 feet

List of passes

The chief passes of the Lepontine Alps, from the Simplon to the Splugen and south of the Furka and Oberalp Passes, are:

Note: road status as of 1911.

Mountain passlocationtype (as of 1911elevation

Zapport Pass Hinterrhein to Malvaglia and Biasca snow3079 meters10103 feet
Guferlücke Kanal Glen to the Lenta Glen snow2980 meters9777 feet
Lentalücke Hinterrhein to Vals Platz snow2954 meters9692 feet
Hohsand Pass Binn to Tosa Falls snow2927 meters9603 feet
Lecki Pass Witenwasserental to the Muttentalsnow2912 meters9554 feet
Passo Rotondo Airolo to Oberwald snow2880 meters9449 feet
Kaltwasser Pass Simplon Hospice to Veglia Alp snow2844 meters9331 feet

Scaradra Pass Vals Platz to Olivone foot path 2770 meters9088 feet
Satteltelücke Vals Platz to Vrin foot path 2768 meters9082 feet
Ritter Pass Binn to Veglia Alp snow2692 meters8832 feet
Cavanna Pass Realp to the Val Bedretto snow2611 meters8566 feet
Scatta Minoja Devero to the Val Formazza bridle path 2597 meters8521 feet
Bocca di CadlimoAirolo to the Lukmanier Pass foot path 2542 meters8340 feet
Valserberg Hinterrhein to Vals Platz bridle path 2507 meters8225 feet
Safierberg Splügen to Safien Platz bridle path 2490 meters8170 feet
Geisspfad Pass Binn to Devero foot path 2475 meters8120 feet
Gries Pass Ulrichen to Tosa Falls bridle path 2468 meters8098 feet
Passo di Naret Fusio to Airolo bridle path 2443 meters8015 feet
Nufenen PassUlrichen to Airolo bridle path 2440 meters8006 feet
Passo ValtendraVeglia Alp to Devero Alp, Goglio bridle path2431 meters7976 feet
Diesrut Pass Vrin fo the Somvix Oolen bad bridle path 2424 meters7953 feet
Albrun Pass Binn to Devero and Baceno bridle path 2410 meters7907 feet
Greina Pass Olivone to the Somvix Glen bridle path 2360 meters7743 feet
San Giacomo PassAirolo to Tosa Falls bridle path 2308 meters7573 feet
Passo di BuffaloraVal Mesocco to the Val Calanca foot path 2265 meters7431 feet
Passo dell'Uomo Airolo to the Lukmanier Pass bridle path 2212 meters7258 feet
Splugen PassThusis to Chiavenna carriage road 2117 meters6946 feet
St Gotthard PassAndermatt to Airolo carriage road over
railway tunnel beneath
2114 meters6936 feet
San Bernardino PassThusis to Bellinzona carriage road 2063 meters6769 feet
Lukmanier PassDisentis to Olivone carriage road 1917 meters6289 feet

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