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Leopard MBT

Tank manufacturing is a joint effort of numerous more or less independent firms. However, the two main contractors in Leopard 2 production are: Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), of Munich and Maschinenbau Kiel (MaK), of Kiel, Germany.

General Characteristics (Leopard 2A5)
Length:9.9 m
Width:3.7 m
Height:3 m
Weight:62 t
Speed:70 km/h
Range: 550 km
Primary armament:120mm L44 smoothbore Gun
Secondary armament:two 7.62mm MG 3is
Power plant:1,500 hp

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Production History

The Leopard 1 was first produced in 1963 and is used by Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and Australia.

The Leopard 2 was first produced in 1979 and is used by Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain. Finland and Poland have purchased used German Leopard 2's and Greece has recently purchased Leopard 2A6's.


The Leopard 2 is found in different configurations:

Leopard 2A6

Leopard 2A5 Leopard 2(S) (aka Strv 122) used by the Swedish Army Leopard 2A4 Pz87 used by Switzerland
Pionierpanzer 1 Bergepanzer 2A1 Gepard 1

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