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Leonora of Aquitaine

Princess Eleanor of England (October 13, 1162 - October 31, 1214), was also known as Leonora of Aquitaine and Leonora, Queen of Castile.

She was born in Domfront Castle, Normandy. She was the sixth child and second daughter of King Henry II of England and his wife Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. When she was eight years old, in 1170, she was married to King Alfonso VIII of Castile.

They had 12 children:

  1. Berengaria, Queen of Castile (1180-1246)
  2. Sancho of Castile (1181-1181)
  3. Sancha of Castile (1182-1184?)
  4. Mafalda of Castile (1183?-1204)
  5. Urraca, Queen of Portugal (1186-1220)
  6. Blanca (Blanche), Queen of France (1188-1252)
  7. Fernando of Castile (1189-1211)
  8. Henry of Castile (1192?-1190's)
  9. Constance of Castile (1196?-late 1190's)
  10. Leonor, Queen of Aragon (1202-1244)
  11. Constanza, Abbess of Las Huelgas (1203?-1243)
  12. Henry I, King of Castile (1204-1217).

She died only twenty-eight days after her husband, in Burgos.