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Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas is an MGM film made in 1995 with Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue directed by Mike Figgis. It is based on a novel by John O'Brien.

Two weeks after the production of the film had started, O'Brien committed suicide. A halt of the project was considered, but work on the film was continued as an in memoriam of sorts.

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Plot synopsis

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Ben Sanderson (Cage), an alcoholic, lost his job in Los Angeles. He goes to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. He meets Sera (Shue) who is a prostitute. A deep friendship and understanding develops between them. Their love, however, is ultimately doomed. Sera has to promise Ben that she will never ask him to stop drinking. Ben on the other hand is not allowed to mention Sera's occupation. However, after spending some time together, they both become more and more frustrated with the other's behaviour. One night Ben sees Sera with one of her customers, and in turn takes a prostitute back home for the night. Sera comes home early and catches Ben in bed with one of her workmates, later forcing him to move out of her apartment. Ben calls Sera on the night before his death. She goes to visit the already very ill alcoholic, who will die by the morning.

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