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Last judgment

According to Christain belief, at the last judgment, God the creator will judge all living and dead souls and send those evils ones and sinners to the everlasting fire that never dies and those faithful and Christains to heaven.

This is assumed as the time when all people will tell him of their accounts of their lives as to what they have been doing.

This belief is held firmly by the Roman Catholic Church and its followers. Priests and the Vatican always tell the people in the church and clergyman of the prepartions they must go through in their living years to ensure they remain faithful people on earth.

The Roman Catholic Church also has a strong faith and belief that there is another place called Purgatory, where dead people with less sin wait for their mercy and prayers by the Church and people still living so that God can have mercy on them.

It is a belief the Roman Catholic Church has that from here dead people with less sin can then be taken to heaven.