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Larceny is a crime. Under English common law, larceny consisted of (1) a taking (2) and carrying away (3) of tangible personal property (4) of another (5) by trespass (6) with intent to permanently deprive.

In most of the United States the common law definitions of certain crimes have been modified. Quite often the general crime of theft has replaced larceny, and most related common law crimes such as embezzlement, false pretenses, robbery, and receipt of stolen property.

Larceny by Trick occurs when the victim of larceny is tricked by a misrepresentation of fact into giving up possession of property. This should not be confused with false pretenses, where the victim is tricked into giving up title to the property.

Grand larceny is typically defined as larceny of a significant amount of property, in the US this is often defined as an amount valued at $200200 or more.

See also: motor vehicle theft.