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LaPine, Oregon

 La Pine, Oregon is a community of people on Highway 97 approximately 32 miles south
of Bend, Oregon. This community has a population of ~500 people within the community
limits, yet around 15,000 people will consider themselves La Pinites. Residents of La 
Pine are proud of the small community they live in, and enjoy many outdoor activities that
the surrounding area provides.
 The Little Deschutes is a branch of the Deschutes River that runs through La Pine, and 
is used for fishing, swimming, canoeing, and other leisurely activities. Over 100 years ago La Pine was founded on this section of the river, with Huntington Road as the main street. The fledgling community quickly grew and prospered until the combination of a failed community water system and rapid growth of Bend caused the slowdown to occur. Today, La Pine is beginning to grow once again, but this time as a bedroom city to the ever expanding city of Bend, making Deschutes County one of the fasted growing counties in America.