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Lancaster University

Lancaster University is located on a campus a short distance south of Lancaster, England. It was originally built in the 1960's with two colleges, Bowland and Lonsdale. It has expanded greatly since then to have 8 undergraduate colleges, all named after areas of Lancashire; Bowland, County, Cartmel, Fylde, Furness, Lonsdale, Grizedale and Pendle. Each of the colleges has its own bar and Junior Common Room. There is also a Graduate College built in 1992. The campus is currently (September 2003) expanding again, which has caused controversy with the Students Union due to the rate of expansion, the increase in rents due to the new accommodation being en-suite, and the limited amount of new social space.

The Students Union owns a nightclub in Lancaster called the Sugarhouse. This is also a major source of income for the Students Union. They also have a shop on the campus.

The facilities on campus include shops (Spar, Students union shop, Charity shop(proceeds from which go to Cancer care and St.Johns hospice), South end stores, Waterstones, Robinsons newsagents), banks(Barclays and Natwest), Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre, food outlets (a chip shop, Pizzeta republic, an Indian restaurant, Popeyes cafe, Greggs the bakers) a hairdresser's, the 9 college bars, Cartmel college restaurant and Cartmel college coffee shop. The university is also home to the Ruskin Library.

The campus is organised around a central walkway known as 'The Spine'. This walkway down the middle of the campus from north to south and is covered all the way. For most of its length you are walking due north or south.

The university has a good academic reputation, doing well in national league tables. It has one of the best Environmental Science departments in the UK. Typical Offers in most subjects are around BBB at A level.

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