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Lale Andersen

Lale Andersen (March 23, 1905 - August 29, 1972) was a German singer born in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Born as Liselotte Helene Berta Bunnenberg, she was also known as Engel der Soldaten (Angel of the soldiers) during World War II. She was famous for her song "Lili Marleen", which was very popular with the German soldiers. The Nazis forbade her to sing the song and perform on stage ever again. After this the song went over to the Allied side, where it also became popular.

After the war ended in 1945, she continued her career and had a number of other hits. She participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1961 with the song "Einmal sehen wir uns wieder" and came 13th place with 3 points. Soon after the contest she retired.

Lale died in Vienna, Austria.