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Lakes of Romania

Romania, while not famed for its lakes, does have some important ones.

Lake Vidraru: just outside Transylvania, Lake Vidraru is situated in the shadow of the Fagaras Mountains. Despite being a spot of incredible natural beauty, it is actually man-made: the area was dammed during the Communist era, flooding the area below. A village lies submerged at the bottom of this lake.

Lake Bicaz: Yet another man-made lake, perhaps even more beautiful than Vidraru. It is around 35km in length, enclosed by part of the Carpathian range.

Lake Amara: situated at 8 km north of Slobozia town, near the village Amara. A small lake, but with beaches and a mud with healing proprieties.

Lake Sarat: "Sarat" = "Salty"; at its bottom is still a crust of salt. Near Braila. A small beach.