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Lake Neuchâtel

Lake Neuchâtel (in French: Lac de Neuchâtel) is a lake in Western Switzerland in the cantonss of Neuchâtel, Vaud, Fribourg, and Bern.

With a surface of 218.3 km² it's the largest lake entirely in Switzerland, as the larger Lake Geneva and Lake Constance are shared with neighboring countries. Lake Neuchâtel is 38.3 km long and no more than 8.2 km large. Its surface is 429 m above sea-level, maximum depth is 152 m, volume 14.0 km³ and drainage area approx. 2'670 km².

The lake receives the Orbe River (called Thièle when it flows into the lake), the Arnon, the Areuse (which traverses the Val de Travers), Seyon (flowing through the Val de Ruz), the canal de la Sauge (which drains Lake Murten and receives the Broye River), and the Mentue (at Yvonand). The canal of Thielle (or Zihl) drains the lake into Lake of Biel and is part of regulation system for the lakes and the rivers of the region.

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1 List of city and places on the lake

List of city and places on the lake

Northwestern shore

From Yverdon to Marin (Southwest to Northeast):

Southeastern shore

From Yverdon.