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Lake Como

A view of the "Y" turned
upside down from the sky

Lake Como (Lago di Como in Italian, also known as Lario) is a lake of glacial origin and it is set in Lombardy, Italy.

It has an area of 146 kmē, making it the third largest lake in Italy, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. It is 410 metres deep, the deepest lake in Europe.

It has a very peculiar shape: a "Y" turned upside down. The northern branch begins with the town of Colico, the south-western branch has the town of Como at its end while at the end of the south-eastern branch there is the town of Lecco.

It has one big tributary that is also an effluent: the Adda river, entering the lake in Colico and exiting in Lecco.

This particular geological conformation makes the south-western branch a dead end, so it often happens that Como gets flooded, while Lecco rarely is.

A note about the naming of the lake: