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L'viv is a city in western Ukraine near the border with Poland with 700,000 inhabitants. It is seen as a main cultural centre of Ukraine.

The name of the city has appeared over the years with a variety of spellings. The form used here is based on a transliteration of the Ukrainian language spelling Львів of the name. The long accepted traditional English spelling "Lwow" is from the Polish language form of the name ("Lwów"). "L'vov", as used in many 20th century publications is a transliteration from the Russian language form of the name, and it is also used thus in Slovak. The German language form for the name has been "Lemberg". "Lvov" is Bulgarian, Czech or Slovenian. "Leopoli" is Italian. "Lemburga" and "Leopolis" are Latin. "Lemberik", "Lemburg" and "Lvuv" are Yiddish. Still other forms also exist.


Polish census 1931 Lwow city

Total 312,231

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