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Kylie Minogue (album)

Kylie Minogue is a 1994 album by Australian-born singer Kylie Minogue. It was Kylie's fifth album. The record label was Deconstruction/Mushroom. It reached #4 on the UK Charts, and sold 550,000 in the UK. The hit Confide In Me was the most successful song on the album.

Track Listing

(*singles) (writers)

  1. Confide In Me*
  2. Surrender
  3. If I Was Your Lover
  4. Where Is The Feeling?*
  5. Put Yourself In My Place*
  6. Dangerous Game
  7. Automatic Love
  8. Where Has The Love Gone?
  9. Falling
  10. Time Will Pass You By

May 2003 the album was remastered, complete with a bonus disc filled mostly with remixes:

Bonus disc Track Listing

  1. Dangerous Game – (Dangerous Overture)
  2. Confide In Me – (Justin Warfield Mix)
  3. Put Yourself In My Place – (Dan’s Old School Mix)
  4. Where Is The Feeling? – (Acoustic)
  5. Nothing Can Stop Us
  6. Love Is Waiting
  7. Time Will Pass You By – (Paul Masterson Mix)
  8. Where Is The Feeling? – (West End TKO Mix)
  9. Confide In Me – (Damien’s Confession Mix)
  10. Falling – (Alternative Mix)
  11. Confide In Me – (Big Brothers Mix)
  12. Surrender – (Talking Soul Mix)
  13. Put Yourself In My Place – (Acoustic)
  14. If You Don’t Love Me – (Acoustic)
  15. Confide In Me – (French)

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