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The KV-1 is a Soviet heavy tank, named after marshal Kliment Voroshilov. The KV-1 was first tested in the Winter War and in 1940 production was increased. At the beginning of operation Barbarossa the Red Army had 639 KV-1s. At the beginning of Operation Barbarossa, German tanks were incapable of penetrating the armour and at one point a large German armoured group was delayed for 2 days by a single KV-1 near Ostrov.

General Characteristics (KV-1)
Length: - m
Width: - m
Height: - m
Weight:47 tons
Speed:35 km/h (road)
- (off-road)
Range: 150 km
Primary armament:76.2mm gun
Secondary armament:three 7.62 mm machine guns
Power plant:-
Crew: 5