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Kult is a contemporary horror role-playing game.

The game universe is strongly influenced by Gnosticism. Influences of Clive Barker, H. R. Giger are also obvious.

The setting is exceedingly gloomy: The world is nothing but a prison for humanity, put there by a mad Demiurge (or if you will, God). The world as we see it is as real as a movie set: All smoke and mirrors. In reality, humanity lives in the ruins of its former greatness. Around us in the darkness are our guardians, the Archons, put there by the Demiurge to keep humanity in ignorance. The Archons have various creatures do their bidding, and these are our jailers. Death is merely a ploy to reset the consciousness of the soul and make impossible the acquisition of enough knowledge to escape the prison.

The system is a skill based system utilizing 20-sided dice (NOT the d20 system pubished by Wizards of the Coast), with point based characters. It has one of the most deadly combat systems yet seen in an RPG and fatality rates of the characters to match.

It is currently out of print, but a French company called 7th Circle ( has bought the license and are working on a new edition. The game was originally created by Gunilla Jonsson and Michael PetersÚn from Sweden and released by the company Target Games.