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Konya (Koniah, Konieh, Konia, Historically called Iconium) is a city in Turkey, on the central plateau of Anatolia. Its ancient name was Iconium and it is the capital of Konya Province.

From 1063 - 1139 it was the capital of the Seljuk Sultans of Rum (See Sultans of Rum. The sultans Saladin and Selim II built mosques in Konya, and the tomb of Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi (Djelal-Eddin), a mystical poet and founder of The Whirling Dervishes is located there.

Konya was temporarily occupied by the Crusaders Godfrey of Bouillon (August 1097) and Frederick Barbarossa (May 18, 1189).

During the reign of Ala ed-Din I (1219 - 1236) the city was filled with refugees from Persia and Bokharaby fleeing the advance of the Mongols. It is during this period that Konya reached its height of wealth and influence.

Konya is one of the holy cities of Islam.