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Komárno (in Hungarian: Komárom [today a separate town], in German: Komorn) is a town in Slovakia at the Danube and the Váh rivers. The bigger part on the left river bank is situated in Slovakia (Komárno), the smaller part on the other river bank is in Hungary (Komorn), they are connected by a bridge.

The following is a description of the Slovak town. Population: 37,000 (1991). Seat of a district (okres). A center of the Hungarian ethnic minority in Slovakia.

The town has a historic center and in addition a fortress at the place where the Váh pours into the Danube. The fortress has been the most important fortress of the historic Hungary and Austria-Hungary (Slovakia was part of Hungary from the 11th century to 1918), because it has never been conquered ("nec arte nec marte"). It arose in the 16th century from an adaptation of a medieval castle. A "New Fortress" has been added in the 17th century close to the old one. Both fortresses have been preserved till today.

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