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Kokin'-wakashu, also referred to as Kokinshuu, literally means "Collection of Japanese poems from Ancient and current times." Compilation completed ca. 905.

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The collection of poems for this work was probably begun under the reign of Emperor Uda (r. 887-897). Its compilation was formally commissioned under his son and successor, Emperor Daigo (r 897-930). The most famous poet of the Japanese court involved in its compilation was Ki no Tsurayuki. He composed a preface in Japanese to the collection in which he described the importance of Japanese poetry (waka), as opposed to poetry written in Chinese (kanshi). The collection is considered to be the first anthology of Japanese poems compiled at Imperial request. Inclusion in the collection was a mark of great distinction for any poet of the time. The collection is organized according to various themes, including love, travel, laments, and miscellaneous topics.