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Kings of Rohan

This is a list of kings of Rohan from the fictional universe of The Lord of the Rings novels by J. R. R. Tolkien. All dates Third Age, except where noted.

  1. Eorl (2510 - 2545) Eorl led the Northmen to the aid of Gondor from Balchoth at the Battle of the Field of Celebrant. In reward, they were given the region of Calenardhon, and Eorl founded Rohan there in 2510.
  2. Brego (2545 - 2570) Built the Golden Hall of Meduseld. Eldest son Baldor disappeared on the Paths of the Dead. Brego died of grief one year later.
  3. Aldor (2570 - 2645) Longest reigning king, died at 102. Drove all of the Dunlendings from Rohan. Established Dunharrow as a refugee-fort.
  4. Fréa (2645-2659) Due to Aldor's long reign, Frea came to the throne at 75.
  5. Fréawine (2659-2680)
  6. Goldwine (2680-2699) Goldwine ruled during a time of peace and prosperity.
  7. Déor (2699-2718) Second period of war with the Dunlendings began during his Lordship, including the capture of Isengard.
  8. Gram (2718-2741) Time of war with the Dunlendings.
  9. Helm Hammerhand (2741-2759) Helm and both of his sons died defending Rohan from Dunlendings during the Long Winter. Last direct descendant of Eorl.
  10. Fréaláf Hildeson (2759-2798)
    First of the second line of Kings. Reclaimed Edoras and drove the Dunlendings from Rohan. Granted Isengard to Saruman.

  11. Brytta Léofa (2798-2842)
    Orcs began fleeing into Rohan from the War of the Dwarves and Orcs.

  12. Walda (2842-2851)
    Killed by Orcs near Dunharrow.

  13. Folca (2851-2864)
    Cleared Rohan of Orcs to revenge Walda's death, and given the nickname "The Hunter". Died hunting the Boar of Everholt.

  14. Folcwine (2864-2903)
    Entirely reconquered the West-march west of the river Isen. Twin sons Folcred and Fastred were lost aiding Gondor in war with Harad

  15. Fengel (2903-c.2950)
    Remembered chiefly for his greed and love of gold.

  16. Thengel (c.2950-2980)
    Left Rohan in his youth over disagreements with his father's greed. Returned from Gondor as an unwilling, but good and wise, King after Fengel's death.

  17. Théoden Ednew (2980-3019)
    Defeated Saruman's armies at the Battle of the Hornburg. Died in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

  18. Éomer Éadig (3019-IV 63)
    Became Lord of the mark after his uncle Theoden's death. First of the third line of Kings.

  19. Elfwine (IV 63-?)
    All that is known of Elfwine is that he was the last recorded King of Rohan.