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Kings of Arthedain

This is a list of kings of Arthedain from the fictional universe of The Lord of the Rings novels by J. R. R. Tolkien.

  1. Amlaith, son of Eärendur of Arnor.
  2. Beleg
  3. Mallor
  4. Celepharn
  5. Malvegil
  6. Argeleb I
  7. Arveleg I
  8. Araphor
  9. Argeleb II
  10. Arvegil
  11. Arveleg II
  12. Araval
  13. Araphant
  14. Arvedui, last King of the North Kingdom.

After Arvedui the North Kingdom was no more, and the line of Kings continued in the Chiefs of the Dúnedain Rangers of Arnor.