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Kingdom of Mallorca

The Kingdom of Mallorca was created by James I of Aragon (Jaume I, "The Conqueror") as a vassal kingdom of the Kingdom of Aragon.

It included the Balearic Islands, Majorca and Minorca, which were conquered from the Moors; the islands of Formentera and Ibiza, more properly known as the Illes Pitiüses, but commonly included as Balearics; the counties of Rosselló and Cerdanya (approximately the present-day Catalunya del Nord); and the territories James retained in Occitània (la seignorie of Montpellier, the viscounty of Carladès and the barony of Omelàs). On James's death, this kingdom passed to his second son, who raigned under the naem James II of Mallorca.

The kings of Mallorca were:

The kingdom was occupied and annexed in 1344 by Peter IV of Aragon.