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Kildare Coot

Kildare Coot is a fictional character of the Scrooge McDuck universe made for The Walt Disney Company by Romano Scarpa. He was introduced as a highly eccentric fourth cousin of Donald Duck in the story "Sgrizzo, il piu' papero balzano del mundo" (roughly translated as "Kildare Coot, the weirdest duck in the world"), first published on October 25, 1964. Though his excact relationship to Donald remains uncertain his last name suggests he belongs to the Coot Kin and that he is related to Donald through Elvira Coot, Donald's paternal grandmother. It has been suggested that his father could be a sibling of Cuthbert Coot and Fanny Coot. This would make him a grandson of Casey Coot and his wife Gretchen Grebe, Elvira's brother and sister-in-law respectively.