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Kid A

Radiohead's fourth studio album, released in 2000. It came as a surprise for all of those who was waiting for an "OK Computer 2". Instead of following the old recipe, Radiohead experimented with electronic landscapes. They had worked on "Kid A" for over a year, and the group was nearly disbanded. Anyway, they didn't disband. On "Kid A", you can hear electronica, post-rock, indie, art-rock, and jazz. Most important for the sound is no longer Thom Yorke's alarmed vocals or Jonny Greenwood's guitar, but Greenwood's electronic effects. The follow-up for Kid A, Amnesiac (2001), was recorded during the same period. No singles were released from "Kid A".


  1. "Everything in its Right Place"
  2. "Kid A"
  3. "The National Anthem"
  4. "How to Disappear Completely (And Never Be Found)"
  5. "Treefingers"
  6. "Optimistic"
  7. "In Limbo"
  8. "Idioteque"
  9. "Morning Bell"
  10. "Motion Picture Soundtrack"