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Kettering University

Originally founded as General Motors Institute, Kettering University is one of Michigan's most prominent and most expensive engineering institutions. It is located in Flint, Michigan. Located along the Flint River on property that used to be the main manufactuing location for General Motors.

Students at Kettering University may specialize in engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, and other disciplines.

Attending Kettering involves not only traditional classroom studies but also organized employment with any of hundreds of co-op employers worldwide. Stuents follow a unique schecule, broken up into A-Section and B-Section. A-Section attends classes from July to September and from Janurary to March, while B-Section attends classes from October to December and April to June. During the 3 month periods between class terms, studens are supposed to be working and gaining work experience. By about the sophomore year, most studens are working for one of the many co-op employers that hire Kettering students. Because of this schedule, it often takes students five years—rather than the traditional four—to receive a bachelor's degree. A thesis is also required, in conjunction with a co-op employer's wishes, in order to recive a bachelor's degree in any field at the university.

The school boasts diverse demographics; people from all ethnic backgrounds attend Kettering. However, only about 25% of the student population is female, which has negative repercussions for student social life.

The university has a very active Greek life. Many national fraternities and sororities exist at Kettering.

The university has an atmosphere conducive to social interaction, featuring many student clubs, including

The university boasts that 100% of its seniors are employed or accepted to graduate schools before graduation.

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