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Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC is a division of Yum! Brands, Inc, originally founded by Harland Sanders (better known as Colonel Sanders). KFC is known for its fried chicken which is prepared via a pressure cooker method; food prepared using this method of cooking is more tender than that prepared by other methods.

On October 16, 2003, actress Pamela Anderson joined PETA in their animal rights campaign against KFC urging a consumer boycott of the franchise until it ensures better treatment of its chickens.

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The spices used in the chicken are a trade secret. However, a chemical analysis commissioned by William Poundstone revealed some of the primary ingredients: salt, ground black pepper, flour, and monosodium glutamate. KFC claims that Colonel Sanders' recipe had eleven secret herbs and spices, although it curiously does not claim that this is the recipe in current use.

The company adopted the abbreviated form of its name in 1991 to avoid the unhealthy connotations of the word 'fried.' During this period, KFC experimented with pot pies and roasted chicken in addition to its core food offering, but these were later dropped.

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas operated several Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises before starting his own chain of Wendy's restaurants. He also invented the rotating bucket of chicken which at one time was outside every KFC.

Notable KFC Employees (Past and Present)

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