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Kenneth Horne

Kenneth Horne (February 27 1907 - February 14 1969) was a British comedian and businessman. He starred in the BBC radio programmes Much Binding in the Marsh, Beyond Our Ken and Round the Horne - in the latter he was given a number of strange names. As well as being an excellent comedian he was also chairman of Triplex Glass and Chad Valley Toys, until he gave up business due to a stroke and concentrated on his comedy. He was particularly close to Kenneth Williams, who looked on him as a substitute father. He also did some TV advertising and he was in the series Horne A'plenty.

He died whilst standing up to make a speech, just after the last series of Round the Horne was completed.

Since December 2002, editions of Round the Horne may be heard at 19:30 hrs London time (= GMT during the winter months) each Wednesday on the digital service called BBC Radio 7.

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