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Ken McVay

Ken McVay is one of the Internet's foremost experts on the subject of Holocaust denial (also called Holocaust revisionism) and the methods used by revisionists to promote it. He is the founder of the Nizkor Project, one of the first (and largest) World Wide Web sites dedicated to exposing the truth about Holocaust revisionism and the hate groups that promote it.

One of the most active participants on the newsgroup alt.revisionism, McVay describes himself as a person who found himself moved to action by the efforts of Holocaust revisionists on the newsgroup to promote "factual evidence" that he found to be poorly presented and claims that were vague at best. He also opposed the idea of censoring and suppressing the revisionists, as authorities and experts on hate groups often did.

A former United States Marine and retired service station manager, McVay found that he had an ample amount of spare time to dedicate to researching and transcribing historical documents, so that they could be made available online to counter the arguments of the revisionists. In various interviews, he has stated his belief that of the many reasons for the revisionists to oppose him and despise him, one of the most frustrating to them is the fact that their arguments have been so thoroughly debunked by a man who is not Jewish, has not professed to be a world-class scholar, and who is "only" a retired gas station manager.

McVay's efforts in combatting Holocaust revisionism with truth instead of censorship won him praise among many activists, and he was awarded the Order of British Columbia by Canadian authorities.

McVay spends much of his time on extended speaking tours, where he discusses Holocaust revisionism and hate groups.

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