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Ken Burns

Ken Burns (born July 29, 1953) is an American documentary filmmaker.

Burns is particularly well known for his style in documentary material, making use of original prints and photographs, and has produced several acclaimed historical and biographical documentaries for TV and film. Among his most notable productions were miniseries on the American Civil War (The Civil War, 1990), baseball (Baseball, 1994), and jazz (Jazz, 2001).

For his documentaries, Burns has been nominated for two Academy Awards and seven Emmy Awards. He won two Emmy Awards for The Civil War and one for Baseball.

Ken Burns Effect

In film editing, non-linear editing systems such as iMovie (from Apple Computer) sometimes have an option named Ken Burns Effect, where a still image may be incorporated into a film using a slow pan and zoom. It is also seen in screensavers, such as those that make use of libraries of digital photographs on a computer's hard disk.

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