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Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann hosts the news-show "Countdown" on American cable channel MSNBC. The hour-long nightly show counts-down five news stories.

While most shows on MSNBC invite on a number of guests at once to give opinions, "Countdown" is more geared towards presenting straight-reporting, some of which previously aired on NBC broadcast US television news.

Olbermann hosts as a centrist, making ironic remarks about both liberals and conservatives.

On each broadcast, the number one story of the night is preceded by a "Keeping Tabs" segment which discusses celebrity gossip and other light matters.

According to Dash Riprock of, Olbermann "tells the truth, and he does it in a sharp, subtlety stated, but unmistakable style. It's sad to realize that it is truly such an oddity these days to see someone with those qualities on TV." [1]

Before working for MSNBC, Olbermann was a sports journalist for both ESPN and Fox Sports Net.

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