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Katie Couric

Katie Couric (born January 7, 1957) is a famous American television journalist. She was born in Arlington, Virginia.

In 1975, Couric attended the University of Virginia, from where she graduated in 1979. She married Jay Monahan in 1989, but he passed away in 1998. Couric joined NBC news on the same year in which she got married to Monahan. She was fired from NBC soon, however, allegedly because the President of the network disapproved of her voice. Couric then took voice class. Couric began her career as a desk assistant for ABC news soon after graduating from college. In 1980, she went on to work for CNN, where she would become the producer of a two hour news show from Atlanta, Georgia. In 1984, she moved to NBC, where she worked as a reporter on NBC's local stations in Miami, and Washington D.C. until she joined NBC News.

In 1991, she was re-hired, and began working on the Today show, where she reached celebrity status. In 1991 also, she had her first daughter, Elinor Tully Monahan. In 1992, she began working as a collaborator at Dateline NBC, where her reports appear regularly. In 1993, she worked on the Legend to Legend: A Celebrity Cavalgate special. This was followed by 1995's Everybody's Business:America's Children and 2001's Harry Potter: Behind the Magic. Her second daughter, Caroline, was born in 1996.

Couric has been able to interview many international political figures and celebrities during her career, including George H.W. Bush, his son George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, John Ramsey and his wife Patty Ramsey, Tricia Meili (known as The Central Park Jogger), Bill Clinton, and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Hillary Clinton and John F. Kennedy Jr gave Couric their first and last interviews, respectively. In addition to that, Couric's name has been mentioned in many movies and television shows, ahd she has won multiple television journalism awards through her career.