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Kath and Kim

Kath and Kim is a humorous Australian television series shown on the ABC network. The first series was released in 2002 and following it's outstanding success, a second series was released in 2003. Both series were created and written by Gina Riley and Jane Turner who both play the leading roles.

The main characters are Kath - an empty nester who wants to enjoy time with her "hunk of spunk" Kel and her her twenty-something daughter Kim. Kim's husband Brett and Kim's second best friend Sharon add chaos.

The characters were originally developed in the early 1990s with the highly succesful "Fast Forward" comedy sketch show. The strong script and highly developed alternative vocabulary and mis-pronunciation of words by the two main characters was a feature of the show.

"It's ny-oice, it's different, it's un-ewes-yewl!"

The theme song is Anthony Newley's "The Joker", and is peformed by Gina Riley.