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KARE (or commonly KARE-11) is a broadcast television station in Minnesota in the United States. It is currently owned by Gannett Corporation and affiliated with NBC. The station is noted for having a number of Emmy-winning photojournalists and has had a highly-rated newscast for well over a decade. The station serves the Twin Cities region, and its studioss are located in the suburb of Golden Valley. The station broadcasts on VHF channel 11 and digitally on UHF channel 35 (through virtual channel numbering, it appears as channel 11-1).

KARE-11 was first known as WTCN (the “TCN” stood for “Twin Cities Newspapers”), though it was not the first TV station in the Twin Cities to carry that name. Channel 4 originally carried the WTCN name, but it was changed to WCCO following the station's merger with WCCO Radio in 1952.

In 1953, the station started broadcasting on channel 11 with a time sharing agreement with station WMIN. Each station would use the transmitter for two hours, then allow the other channel to take over for the next two. The two stations eventually merged. The original transmitter for WTCN and WMIN was located atop the Foshay Tower in Minneapolis, the tallest building in the city at the time. A growing city center meant that the transmitter would eventually have to go, and it was moved to Shoreview, Minnesota in 1972. Additionally, the new transmitter greatly increased the station's reception area.

WTCN was first operated by Minnesota Television Service Corporation, but the station changed ownership several times over the following years. It was sold to the H.M. Bitner Group in 1955, Time Life Broadcasting in 1957, Criss Craft Industries in 1964, Metromedia in 1971, and finally Gannett Corporation in 1983.

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