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Kamato Hongo

Kamato Hongo (September 16, 1887 - October 31, 2003) was the world's oldest living person from March 2002 until her death. She lived in Kagoshima, on Japan's most southerly major island, Kyushu. She celebrated her 116th birthday the month before her death from pneumonia.

Born on the small island of Tokunoshima, home of Shigechiyo Izumi, she later moved to Kagoshima on Kyushu, where she lived with her daughter. The oldest person in Japan after the death of Denzo Ishisaki in 1999, she attained a measure of celebrity and was the focus of some merchandise (washcloths, keyrings, phone cards, etc.) sold highlighting her longevity. She appeared on Japanese television several times. Kyushu has been the home of other supercentenarians, including recent world's-oldest-man Yukichi Chuganji, who died the month before her.

Preceded by:
Maude Farris-Luse
Oldest Person in the World Succeeded by:
Mitoyo Kawate