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Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat
Scientific Classification
Binomial name
Felis chaus
The Jungle Cat (Felis chaus), also called Swamp Lynx (although not related to the lynxes), is a small cat with a rather short tail (length 70 cm, plus 30 cm tail). Dependent on the subspecies the colour of the fur is yellowish-gey to reddish-brown. While vertical bars are visible on the fur of kittens, these bars disappear in adult cats. Due to the pointed ears and the long legs this cat resembles a small lynx (hence the name "swamp lynx").

This cat is distributed over Egypt, West Asia, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. It inhabits various habitats, for instance savannas, tropical dry forests and the reed along rivers and lakes, but it is not found in rainforests. In some areas the Jungle Cat comes close to villages and may even live in deserted houses. The Jungle Cat lives in heights up to 2500 m, but is more common in the lowlands.

Jungle Cats hunt in the daytime for rodents, frogs and birds. Those cats living close to bodies of water are able to swim and dive in order to catch fish.