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Julie Burchill

Julie Burchill (born July 1959) is a British journalist noted for her acerbic writing. She started her career writing for the New Musical Express after responding, with her husband-to-be Tony Parsons, to an advert in that paper seeking hip young gunslingers to write about the then emerging punk rock movement. Until 2003 wrote a weekly column in The Guardian. Her departure was caused by disagreements with the editorial staff caused by her pro-Israel views in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She currently writes for The Times. She has written the books The Boy Looked at Johnny (co-written with Parsons, 1977), Ambition (1990), No Exit (1993), Married Alive (1998), and I Knew I Was Right (1998) (an autobiography).

She has been married twice, first to Parsons and secondly to Cosmo Landesman. She has one son from each marriage.

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