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Julian Delphiki

Julian Delphiki, more commonly known as Bean, is the main character of the books Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, and Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card. He is also an important character in Ender's Game.

Warning: Spoilers


Bean was born in Rotterdam as the result of an illegal experiment conducted by Volescu, a distant uncle of his. Bean's parents, Julian and Elena Delphiki, had conceived of one child (Nikolai Delphiki), through in-vitro fertilization. The other embryos were locked away, until they were stolen by Volescu, who used turned Anton's Key in them. When Bean was only a few months old, the government found out and Volescu killed all of the babies--except Bean, who at his young age realized that he was in danger and crawled into a toilet tank where he hid for days before being rescued by a janitor. After a short while of living with the janitor, Bean wandered out onto the streets of Rotterdam.

Around the age of 2, Bean joined Poke's Crew. Poke was very merciful to Bean, and probably saved his life by feeding him. Bean devises a plan to get more food for the crew and recruits a bully with a bad foot, Achilles, to get them into the food shelter. Bean actually advises Poke to kill Achilles, but the same mercy that she showed to Bean came through, and Achilles was saved. Achilles became the crew's "papa" and carried out the plan successfully, allowing all of the orphans to get food. When Achilles begins contemplating killing Bean, however, Poke intervenes, and meets with Achilles at night to make a deal with him. Bean witnesses this and follows them for a while, but he sees the two kissing. Thinking that he was wrong, he goes to sleep. The next morning, Poke's body is discovered in the river.

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