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JSML is an acronym for the Java Speech API Markup Language Specification. JSML is an XML application and conforms to the requirements of well-formed XML documents. It is sometimes known colloquially as JSpeech.

JSML is primarily an XML text format used by applications to annotate text input to speech synthesizers. Elements of JSML provide speech synthesizer with detailed information on how to speak text in a naturalized fashion.

JSML defines elements which define a document's structure, the pronunciation of certain words and phrases, features of speech such as emphasis and intonation, etc. JSML is designed in the Java fashion to be simple to learn and use, to be portable across different synthesizers and computing platforms, and although designed for use within the java programming language is also applicable to a wide range of languages. An example of how JSML is defined is set out below:


This block about JSML is constructed as a JSML example.

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NB: A public domain (BSD style license), open source, speech synthesizer engine, written in Java, FreeTTS, is available from